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Seminar Schedule

Fall 2020 | Thursdays @ 11AM - 11:45AM on Zoom

Aug 27 - Trung Nguyen | Course Introduction – Semester Planning and Expectations

Sept 3 - TED Talk Week | Topic: Energy and Environment

Sept 10 - Associate Professor Sara Wilson, Mechanical Engineering - KU | Topic: Ethics and Academic Integrity

Sept 17 - Associate Professor Audrey Moores, Chemistry - McGill University | Topic: Nanoparticles and Catalysis for Green Chemistry | FLYER

Sept 24 - Assistant Professor Gennady Gor, New Jersey Institute of Technology | Topic: Porous Materials and Molecular Simulation | FLYER

Oct 1 - TED Talk Week | Topic: Sustainability

Oct 8 - Rao V. Mantri, Vice President - Bristol Myers Squib | Topic: Drug Development

Oct 15 - Dr. Peter Valdez, Principal Process Engineer - Evonik | Topic: Career Planning – Careers in Industry

Oct 22 - Berlyn Mellein and Mark Shiflett, Shiflett Research Group - KU | Topic: Health and Safety - Lab Best Practices

Oct 29 - Assistant Professor Qingwang Yuan, Petroleum Engineering - Texas Tech | Topic: Single and Multiphase Flows in Subsurface Porous Media

Nov 5 - Trung Nguyen | Topic: Open Discussion - Closing Session

Nov 12 - Dr. Mari Andiappan, Oklahoma State | Topic: “C-C Cross-Coupling Reactions using Earth-Abundant Copper-Based Nanocatalysts”

Zoom Meeting Details for the Seminar Series:
Topic: C&PE 800: Graduate Seminar
Meeting ID: 922 4115 1215
Passcode: 608242
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Previous Semester Schedules

Spring 2020 | Tuesdays @ 1:00PM - 1:50PM in the Beren Center (G192 Slawson)

Jan 21st - Intro class with Associate Professor Prajna Dhar | Topic: Work/life balance

Jan 28th - KU Libraries Workshop | Topics: effective search strategies, citation management, managing data, Intellectual Property for researchers, and literature reviews

Feb 4th - Professional Developement Workshop | Topic: LabSafety and other lab topics

Feb 11th - Speaker RESCHEDULED TO April 7th

Feb 18th - Professional Developement Workshop | Topic: Carlos Rivera from CAPS is coming to speak about graduate student mental health, self-care, and coping techniques

Feb 25th Professional Developement Workshop | Topic: The Engineering Career Center will be presenting on goal setting and career planning. Plus, after class, Cody Howard will be set up to take professional headshots.

Mar 3rd - Professional Developement Workshop | Topic: KU's Office of Research will be speaking about IP, data security, and responsible scholarship


{Due to COVID-10, seminar was moved online, and external speakers}


Fall 2019 | Thursdays 11:00 - 11:50am in 368 Ritchie Hall


August 26th - First day of class with instructor Amirmasoud Kalantari

September 5th - Shahin Negahban, Associate Professor in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, KU

Topic: Hydrogen Economy

September 12th - Ward Thompson, Professor of Chemistry, KU

Topic: Developing novel catalyist using machine learning  (Research Website)

Sepember 19th - Dr. Syed Tariq, Director of Reservoir Engineering, PETROLERN LLC. (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Enhanced Oil Recovery (Research Wesbite)

September 26th - Jack Pashin, Interim Department Head, Devon Petroleum Engineering, Oklahoma State University (Presenataion Flyer)

Topic: TBD (Research Website)

October 3rd - Workshop Day - Introduction to the Professional Development Series | Topic: Self-Reflection

October 10th - Sherilyn Williams-StroudResearch Scientist and Structural Geologist, Illinois State Geological Survey (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Energy and Minerals (Research Website)

October 24th -  CANCELED as of 10/22/19 - will reschedule in spring)  Soheil Saraji, Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming

October 31st - Workshop Day - Associate Professor Sara Wilson from the Mechanical Engineering Dept. will be presenting a workshop on Ethics. 

November 7th - Workshop Day - Topic: Lab Safety 

November 14th - No Class due to AIChE Conference

November 21st - Ayman Allian, Principal Scientist, Amgen Inc.

Topic: Catalysis and continuous manufactoring

November 28th - No Class due to Thanksgiving Holiday 

December 5th - Peter Ravikovitch, Research Scientist, Exxon Mobil

Topic: Adsorption phenomena relevant to petroleum (Scholar Page)


Spring 2019 | Tuesdays 1:00 - 1:50pm in Spahr Classroom (2 Eaton)


January 22nd - First day of class with instructor Juan Bravo Suarez

January 29th - Alan Allgeier, Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering, KU

February 5th - Chris Cornelius from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Materials such as sol-gel and nano-composites (Research Website)

February 12th - Michael Eikerling from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Fuel Cells and Theoretical Electrochemistry (Research Wesbite)

February 19th - Hugh Daigle from The University of Texas at Austin (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Characterizing physical and transport properties of rock and pore-scale pressure (Research Website)

February 26th - Joan Brennecke from The University of Texas at Austin (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Ionic liquids and CO2 extraction (Research Website)

March 5th - Priya Srivanasan, Doctoral Candidate, Chemical Engineering, KU

March 19th - Justin Hutchinson, Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering, KU (Presentation Flyer)

March 26th - Saman Aryana from The University of Wyoming (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Multiphase flow in porous media and physics of instability (Research Website)

April 2nd - Shima Fardad from the University of Kansas, EECS Department (Presentations Flyer)

Topic: Light-matter interactions in soft-matter systsems, Nanophotonics, Plasmonics and Metamaterials, and/or Imaging, Microscopy and Spectroscopy Techniques

April 23rd - Prasad Dhurjati from The University of Delaware (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: A range of intersts related to chemical and bioengineering (Research Website)

April 30th - Ive Hermans from The University of Wisconsin at Madison (Presentation Flyer)

Topic: Catalysis and kinetic reactions related to energy (Research Website)

Fall 2018 Series 

Oct 4: Won Min Park, K-State, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering [FLYER]

Oct 18: Kevin Lafferty, Devon Energy, Advisory Board Member [FLYER]

Oct 25: Christopher Kitchens, Clemson University [FLYER]

Nov 8: Laurence Weatherley, our department chair, will be leading a Professional Development Workshop [FLYER]

Nov 15: Geoff Bothun, University of Rhode Island [FLYER]

Nov 29: Phil Savage, Department Chair at Penn State [FLYER]

Spring 2018 Schedule

Jan 16th: First Day of Class with Professor Kevin Leonard

Jan 23rd: Mei He, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, KU

Jan 30th: Keith Johnston, M. C. (Bud) and Mary Beth Baird Endowed Chair and Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin (FLYER)

Feb 13th: Jennifer Robinson, Assistant Professor of Chemical/Bioengineering, KU (FLYER)

Feb 27th: Levi Thompson, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Hydrogen Energy Technology Lab at The University of Michigan (FLYER)(YouTube Video)(NOVA appearance starts ~50 minute mark)

March 6th: Arsalan Zolfaghari, Post-Doc for the Tertiary Oil Recovery Program (TORP)

March 13th: Albert Folch, Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle (FLYER)(YouTube Video)

March 20th: NO SEMINAR [Spring Break]

March 27th: Undergraduate Research Award Presentations

April 3rd: Edward Peltier, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, KU (FLYER)

April 10th: Edward Maginn, Dorini Family Professor of Energy Studies and Chair of the Department of Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering, Notre Dame (FLYER)

April 17th: Robbie Hable, Doctoral Candidate in Chemical Engineering and School of Engineering Ambassador here at KU

Apr 24th: Mojdeh Rasoulzadeh, Assistant Professor of Applied and Computational Math, University of Alabama (FLYER)

Fall 2017 Schedule

Aug 31st- Chris Depcik from Mechanical Engineering speaking about Academic and Research Integrity (FLYER)

Sept 7th- Laurence Weatherley, Chair of CPE, speaking about his research in green chemistry (FLYER)

Sept 14th- Gibum Kwon from Mechanical Engineering about his research (FLYER)

Sept 28th- Professor and Chair, Baojun Bia from Missouri S&T (petroleum topic) (FLYER)

Oct 5th- Assistant Professor John Newberg from the University of Delaware (catalysis topic)(FLYER)

Oct 12th- James Blakemore from KU Dept of Chemistry (FLYER)

Oct 19th- Eray Aydil, Professor and Chair, from University of Minnesota (renewable energy)(FLYER)

Oct 26th- Alan Allgeier, our newest faculty member from CPE (porous materials)(FLYER)

Nov 9th- Johannes Lercher, a Battelle Fellow from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories [(PNNL)(FLYER)]

Nov 16th- Susan Habas, Senior Scientist from National Bioenergy Center (NREL division)(FLYER)

Nov 30th- Trung Nguyen will present about NSF proposal writing (FLYER)

Dec 7th- Graduate students Aishik Chakraborty and Yuanchao Li will present about their research (FLYER)

Spring 2017 Schedule

Feb 7th: Professional Development Event (FLYER)

Feb 14th: No Seminar

Feb 21st: Steve Lustig from Northeastern University (FLYER)

Feb 28th: Canceled- No Seminar

March 7th: Kamy Sepehrnoori from University of Texas at Austin (FLYER)

March 14th: M. Ali Haider from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi (FLYER)

March 21st: Spring Break- No Seminar

April 11th: Damon Talbot from Graduate Studies at KU (FLYER)

April 18th: George Hirasaki from Rice University (Flyer coming)

April 25th: Rick Stroman from the US Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC (FLYER)

May 2nd: Michael J. Aziz from Harvard University (FLYER)

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