Ankit Verma

Graduate Student
PhD in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering- Chemical Focus (In Progress)
Primary office:
4141A Learned Hall


I received my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India in 2016. I worked on two projects during my undergraduate research. My first project was on electrode potential prediction using molecular dynamic simulations. And my final year project was on synthesis and characterization of platinum based catalysts for fuel cells. I joined University of Kansas for my PhD in Fall 2016 as a Chancellor’s Fellow. My current research interests are in alternative energy sources and electro-catalysis. My advisor is Dr. Trung Van Nguyen and I am working on development of organic redox flow batteries. I believe that non-poisonous, non-hazardous and abundant nature of organic constituents in batteries provide a big advantage over other common batteries. After graduation, I hope to work in research and development sector for renewable energy generation and storage. During my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading novels and binge-watching TV shows.

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